BlackNorth Initiative


The Racial Equity Playbook was jointly developed by the BlackNorth Initiative and Boston Consulting Group.

What you will
find in this book

The objective of the BlackNorth Initiative Racial Equity Playbook is to provide organizations with context on the situation that the Black community faces in Canada, such as their challenges and continued inequities faced in the workplace. It contains a list of tools and tactics that organizations can use to fulfill their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals; becoming more equitable corporate citizens.

Pillar Review

Pillar 1

Build and shape an inclusive pipeline and equitable hiring process across all levels and functions.

Pillar 2

Create equitable development opportunities for retention and promotion.

Pillar 3

Reduce and eradicate any like-for-like racial compensation gaps.

Pillar 4

Build a diverse procurement and vendor network that supports and promotes equity.

Pillar 5

Include minority groups with an equitable company portfolio and brand.

Pillar 6

Support organizations and communities advancing racial equity through communication, financial contributions and actions.

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